Act for Liberty

ACT for Liberty

Boiling ideas to create a free, open and inclusive society.

What does freedom mean to us today? Do we take it for granted, or is it a continuous fight to protect it? What do you do for freedom? ACT for Liberty investigates what threatens our freedom today and challenges young Europeans to come up with fresh ideas and creative solutions. Online ánd in real-life events.

You can play the Boiling Frog Game online. Alone or together with a group. Go to

We made a special programme guild + materials for teachers or moderators to play the game during a session with a group including  the ‘make your ‘call to action’ poster. More information you can find here:

With the ‘call to action poster’ workshop we challenge you to think about possible solutions to keep our Freedom and draw your ideas in one of the poster templates that are related to the topic. Check out the posters that already are made: