Act for Liberty

ACT for Liberty

Supported by the EU for Citizens Programme of the EU Commission.
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ACT for Liberty investigates what freedom actually is, and what it means to us. We do this together with you, the European citizen. 
Living without war for some time, we seem so used to freedom and democracy that it is difficult to explain what it really means. It’s just there, like the air we breathe. But this certainly doesn’t mean it’s not worth taking a closer look at. Because meanwhile, freedom and democracy are under growing pressure. What to think of the anti-democratic tendencies in Eastern Europe; the distrust of politicians, weakened institutions such as independent media and independent justice, and the growing power of commercial technology companies? Is freedom taken for granted nowadays, or do we feel it is threatened? What can we actually do to protect or fight for freedom? ACT for Liberty consists of an online game and a set of workshops. It provides playful ways to discuss abstract topics in a very concrete and down-to-earth manner. Because liberty is not about history or hard-to-grasp concepts – it’s about our daily lives. 
ACT for Liberty is held during live events at festivals and schools, but you can also play it on your own, at home from your computer. You could even organize your own ACT for Liberty at your school, organization or community centre!
ACT for Liberty Manifesto We collected the ideas, thoughts and actions of the participants:

EU parliament We presented the ideas, thoughts and actions of the participants of the project to Paul Tang,  EU Parliament Member, and asked to react on it.

The Boiling Frog – online game
If you put a frog in a pan full of boiling water, he’ll immediately jump out: too hot! But if you heat him up inside the pan, he will stay. Nice and warm – until he is cooked alive. 
We use this analogy of the boiling frog to address the abstract topic of freedom. Are we feeling comfortable like a frog in warming water? Or are we still in a position to question and fight our freedom? Where are our limits and how do we set them? 
The Game consists of six scenarios, that each introduce a topic related to freedom: migration, freedom of opinion, equality, democracy, privacy, fake news. When, for example, does freedom of expression turn into discrimination? How do you balance between privacy and security? And what are the consequences if we are not sure whether the information we consume is real or fake?
The Boiling Frog Game breaks these big and complex dilemma’s down in daily life situations. With every new situation, the freedom is limited a bit more. In other words: with every situation, temperature rises and it becomes a bit hotter. The player has to choose: can I handle this situation or does it limit my freedom too much? When is it time for you to jump?
The Boiling Frog Game can be played individually but it is also played simultaneously by the crowd at festivals and events, or in class. With the smartphone in their hand, participants will find out when the rest of the group jumps out of the water;, a great conversation starter to discuss today’s problems and solutions.


ACT Workshops

We don’t stick to reflection and opinions – time for ACTION. After we’ve explored in the online game what threatens our freedom, it is time to come up with creative ideas and solutions. 
In the ACT Poster Workshop we brainstorm for solutions by drawing posters on specially made templates that correspond with the themes of the Game: migration, freedom of opinion, equality, democracy, privacy, fake news. The participants wrap their head around the question: ‘Ok. But what needs to be DONE?’ Their posters are a CALL TO ACTION
The posters of all participants become part of a collection of ideas and solutions, that will ultimately be presented to the European Parliament.

Credtis:ACT for Liberty is an initiative by MasterPeace (NL), Autres Directions (NL), Youth Power (BA), Ludbreska Udruga Mladih Entuzijasta (HR) and Jugend, Bildung und Kultur EV (DE).
Supported by the EU for Citizens Programme of the EU Commission.Information about the results
Boiling Frog Game and Workshop
Concept and realisation: Adinda Akkermans, Catrien Spijkerman, Emmie Kollau, Tijl Akkermans, Janneke de Rooij, Van Leeuwen en Van Leeuwen