LUMEN is youth non-goverment organization established 15 years ago with the aim to improve the quality of life of people in our
town and region and to bring their social inclusion and activism on higher level. Our goals are also to develop cultural, democratic,
social and ecological conscience among youth, to encourage cooperation of young people with different interests and activities and
to increase influence of young people on work of local community.
To achieve all that, we organize cultural, ecological, educational and other events, we promote humanitarian work through many
actions and cooperation with other humanitarian organizations, we inform young people about important topics, encourage their
inclusion in discussion and solving various problems in our community and we cooperate with other similar associations in our
country and wider. We aim to educate young people in mentioned areas in order to give them opportunity to spread everything
they have learned.

LUMEN has successfully participated in various projects under the framework of Youth in Action and ERASMUS+ which have given
opportunities to young people (including disadvantaged youth) in programme and partner countries, giving opportunity to
improve European multiculturalism and build up friendship and so enrich their European citizenship. Our staff and volunteers have
previously worked as support staff and trainers in various local and international projects. LUMEN has been directly involved in
organizing youth conferences, training programmes and exchanges, and engaging youths to participate in similar events all over
Croatia and Europe.

You can contact us at:

Ludbreška udruga mladih entuzijasta – LUMEN

Trg Svetog Trojstva 16
42230 Ludbreg

e-mail: info@udruga-lumen.hr