Partnership – Youth ClimActors

Tackling the climate crisis requires both ambition and inclusivity. Without it, the world will face insurmountable barriers to overcoming the impacts and, as a result, achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The project is upon the youth participation as it will be enabled by systemic empowerment work plan, which involves addressing youth-centric structures, structural inequality and systemic discrimination, structured in a set of 4 Youth Participation Events and a Youth Participation Mobility in Thessaloniki, Greece. Policymakers and practitioners need to address systemic conditions that are barriers for youth participation that may be embedded in norms and structures of government and other non-state institutions. This can mean addressing intersectionality by establishing specific strategies for multiple-marginalized youth identities, for example, having specific measures for girls or indigenous youth. Young people 18-30 years old, including youth facing social and economic exclusion, living in rural areas and/or coming from a migrant background from partners countries to attend the training programme and participate in action-led initiatives and policy dialogue related to climate justice. Youth organisations, NGOs and foundations active in the field of civic participation, climate justice, non-discrimination à to be involved in the project’s action plan supporting youth activities and mobility and hollistic youth engagement in civic and democratic life. Public authorities responsible for youth agenda and climate justice in EU countries will participate in policy hackathons and policy dialogue.

Based on EU Youth Dialogue Priorities and Goals, the project idea will address the following specific objectives:
-To increase participation of youth in democratic and civic life.
-To enhance civic competences of youth, with a focus on critical thinking, participatory skills and project design related to climate justice
-To increase opportunities for European action-led initiatives and youth mobility
-To build up the sense of European identity
-To enhance cooperation among youth NGOs and policy makers
-To develop youth participation in policy dialogue to climate justice.

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