ProSana Youth Exchange


ProSana is a youth exchange with partners from 5 European countries: Romania, Spain, Lithuania, Estonia and Croatia. It will last 6 months, from 15 January 2016 until 15 July 2016, with a period of 9 days of activities, as well as one day for traveling before and one after, between 21 and 31 March 2016, 11 days in total. The location of the activities is the village of Poiana Negrii, close to the mountain resort of Vatra Dornei, Romania. At the activities will be present a group of 40 youngsters with ages between 18 and 30 and 6 group leaders without age limit. The Romanian group will consist of 8 youngsters and 2 leaders, the foreign groups will consist of 8 youngsters and 1 leader.

ProSana will offer space for young people to share their knowledge, ideas and points of view related to what a healthy lifestyle is and how they can recognize healthy and unhealthy habits in their daily routine. It will allow the participants to create promotional materials (videos, brochure), through group work, in order to share their views and impacts many other young people from their home communities.
Furthermore, the participants will manage to learn through concrete situations (study visits, hikes, workshops, self-reflection) about healthy life habits.
This project is designed to raise awareness about unhealthy lifestyles among the 40 young participants at the project, guided by the 6 leaders, encouraging the young people who want to change their lifestyle, physical appearance and confront inhibitions. The activities envisaged under the project are designed to satisfy these needs and develop in participants a proactive lifestyle, stirring interest in sport and healthy food.