Od 20.-28.8. smo sudjelovali na studijskoj posjeti “See the reality” u Turskom Diyarbakiru.

SEE THE REALITY is a Study Visit that brings issues to light of refugee issues and the
social realities they confront, having a Turkish case analysis, for agents of non- governmental
organizations in the partnership of the project, taking into consideration a reasonable way to
deal with future projects including refugees.The actual implementation is done through a mobility with partners from 9 European
countries (UK, Turkey, Romania, Lithuania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, Portugal,
Czech Republic) and Turkey, between 20-28 August 2019, in the districts of Diyarbakir in
Turkey. A total of 32 people will participate in the activity: 28 youth workers as participants,
2 trainers and 2 facilitators.
The system utilized as a part of our visibility originates from the non-formal instruction circle
and can be partitioned into the accompanying classes:

  • Integrative strategies: They stimulate group union and familiarize participants with each
    other, encouraging cooperation. Illustrations: group building recreations, for example,
    Mission (Im)Possible and Oranges; Knowing each other games; Group presentations; Group
    work for presentations, Report and Action Plan creation
  • Creative strategies: They fortify innovativeness and empower participants’ opportunity of
    articulation. Illustrations: National case introductions on refugees; Conceiving the Report;
    Establishing the Action Plan (innovative components)