The launch of the MOOC created during Navigators on Creative Seas

Monomyths Association launch a MOOC
about creativity and innovation in youth work

Creativity is all about exploration and going where no one has gone before. Just like an
explorer, we’re hoping that the online course created by Monomyths Association with the support of 32 youth workers from 8 youth nonprofits from Romania, Croatia, Greece, The Republic of North Macedonia, Estonia, Lithuania, Spain and Turkey will guide other European youth workers to head into uncharted territories.
The MOOC “Creative thinking in youth work” is free and available on
The course is structured in 4 learning modules:
Module 1: Introduction in creativity
This is a good start to understand where inspiration comes from and what are the 4 baby steps of creativity, how to build creative habits and many other introductory concepts in creativity;
Module 2: Creativity Activators
Mind can be your greatest friend and your worst enemy. Your creativity can be affected both by Saboteurs and Sages. Discover the simple tools that activate your creativity and send the saboteurs at the corner;
Module 3: Creative Environment
You can have the greatest team, the biggest challenges to brainstorm on, however, without a creative environment, things can go wild. Explore how to transform your office in a welcoming space for great ideas;
Module 4: Creativity Tools
The best selection of brainstorming tools waits to be tested in this chapter. For introverts and extroverts, for short deadlines and extended projects, you can find something for your challenge here. Let us know which one your favorite is. Ours is 20 ways to use a spoon.
“We believe that creativity is as important in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status. Don’t tell anyone, but for us, as youth workers, creativity is the no 1 life skill. There you go, creativity is a skill that we can get better at it, just like in the case of any other shill. We’ve never really thought of creativity as being something that we can get better at. But we can”, declared Emilia Radu, coordinator of the project.

The online course has been created during a 9 days training course implemented between April 11-19, 2019 in Bucharest, Romania. During the event, the participants have tested non-formal education methods on creativity, brainstorming, they have proposed solutions to real challenges of Youth NGOs and during 3 days they have prepared the script and recorded the videos.
The project Navigators on Creative Seas is implemented by Monomyths Association with the support of Erasmus+ Programme, in partnership with Ludbreska Udruga Mladih Entuzijasta (Croatia), Seiklejate Vennaskond (Estonia), Youth Mobility Center (Greece), Association For Sustainable Development Sfera Macedonia (North Macedonia), Asociacion Building Bridges (Spain), Tarptautinis Bendradarbiavimo Centras (Lithuania), Youth Eurasia (Turkey).