Wings of Imagination – Theater games for everyone

Wings of Imagination – Theater games for everyone is a project prepared by LUMEN and Polish partner HEureka Generator association as part of Key Action 2 of the European Erasmus+ programme. Our proposal is a Small-scale Partnership, one of the possibilities through which we can cooperate with other organizations and institutions interested in non-formal education.

Partners during the project implementation will work both at the local and international levels, developing solutions that will benefit all of us in the long term.

The final outcome of the project will be a publication containing scenarios of educational theater games. These will be useful for youth workers, project coordinators, young leaders, teachers, volunteers, and anyone interested in theater games and wishing to expand their toolkit for working with groups. A virtual platform documenting the achievements of the informal international network of theater game enthusiasts “Imaginary Realms” will also be created. HEureka Generator is the main administrator of the network, and LUMEN is a member organization. The platform will also feature educational theater game scenarios created by us, as well as local and international best practices and data from all European organizations belonging to the network.

Stay tuned for updates on our website tab in the coming months. We will post information about ongoing work here. We submit the project proposal by March 5, 2024, and await the assessment of our proposal by the Croatian National Agency of the Erasmus+ program.



Local cooperation:

Outward Bound Croatia



Local cooperation:

C.K. Norwid Secondary School in Krasnymstaw