YE Why not StreetArt?

Youth Exchange “Why not StreetArt?” is bringing together 24 young people 18-26 years old accompanying by youth leaders from 4 programme countries (Croatia, Bulgaria, Poland and Romania), with at least half of them with fewer
opportunities. The project will take place in Ludbreg, Croatia and will last for 8 days, from 21st-29th April 2019, including travel days.    
The main theme of this youth exchange is social inclusion of youth with fewer opportunities through street art. The project focuses on the theme of artistic
expression as a form of education and activation of youth, reflecting the
interests and needs of its participants.    
The objectives of the project are; to promote active citizenship and to foster
young people’s sense of European citizenship; to help young people to
understand their role as a part of the present and future of Europe; to
promote sustainable cities; to promote tolerance between people from
different countries; to create a place for multicultural learning and
understanding; to learn how to transfer their thoughts and feelings through art and how to use art to connect communities and excluded young people.    
The whole project focuses on social inclusion of youth at risk of social
exclusion through the community activities and development of creativity and self-confidence. Active participation in project will widen participants horizons and empower them. The summary of the exchange will be the permanent
artistic piece in the center of the city, created by its participants. People
interested in this event will be invited and those who cannot come to the event will be able to view the final art product on the local public walls for years to
All the methods used during youth exchange will be based on the non-formal education principles: group work and discussions, simulations and role plays,
intercultural nights, intercultural workshops, team building and trust building activities, energizers, ice-breakers, reflection groups, creative art workshops, excursions etc. During the project participants will meet Croatian Street
artists and visit Graffiti Ranch Legrad and Street art in Koprivnica.  
In the end of the project Youthpass certificate will be given to participants.
he applicant organization Ludbreška udruga mladih entuzijasta (LUMEN) is a
hosting partner in the project.

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