LUMEN is actively participating in international activities from it’s beginning as member of Community of Technical Culture (Zajednica tehničke kulture) Ludbreg. Lumen’s members and volunteers help to organize and participated in technical contests (Amateur radio, Aero modelers, international school technical projects) and international exhibitions Night of technic.

From 2005 members of Lumen organize annual international music festival Idemo otok which usually gathers around 500 young people with international performers and volunteers. Through 15 years of festival we had hosted 18 international performers and more than 30 volunteers from all around the world.

In 2014 LUMEN became member of international network MasterPeace ( ) as umbrella organization for MasterPeace Croatia working on peacebuilding and conflict management through art with organizations from more than 60 countries. For our activities as partner in international Street art project “Walls of Connection” we were awarded with Global Peace Leadership & Excellence awards from World Peace Congress in Mumbai, India.

In 2019 and 2020 we were partners in Europe for citizens project Act for Liberty ( ) in which participated more than 1000 young Europeans. On global annual MasterPeace bootcamps members of LUMEN participated, volunteered and presented activities on MasterPeace events held in Netherland, Tunisia, Colombia, Lebanon and Georgia. LUMENs volunteers participated in International festival of volunteers after Arab spring in Tunisia in 2012, helping and rebuilding surrounding area of city of Monastir and in 2019 our members participated in MasterPeace project and street art festival in Medellin, Colombia. Our accomplishments were also presented on Great Mind Meetings conferences in Utrecht and Mostar.

In 2018 and 2019 Lumen was part of AIESEEC Global host programme. In that time we hosted 6 volunteers for 6 weeks
each from India, China, Canada and Tunisia. They helped with our regular activities and as volunteers in NGO Ludbreško Sunce ( ) for children and youth with special needs.

Members of Lumen are actively participating in Youth in Action / ERASMUS+ program since 2011. Since then we had been partners in more than 70 KA1 projects in around 40 countries and have organized 5 financed youth exchanges and one training course in Ludbreg, Croatia. Lumen has also as partner experienced KA2 Transnational Youth Initiatives “Forgotten treasures” and Europe for Citizens project Act for Liberty. Our volunteers and young members actively participated in the projects and made big impact on their local communities. Through this activities we have made substantial network of organizations we cooperate with. Also through MasterPeace network we have connected with more than 60 organizations and some of them will be also partners in this project. With some organizations we closely cooperate more than six years and our professional network in some cases turned into long lasting friendship. As we finished our volunteer center we plan to get Quality label and start hosting volunteers in 2022.

Ludbreška udruga mladih entuzijasta (LUMEN) is also initiator and was organizer for some time of “Let’s do it world”
(Zelena čistka) ecological activities in Ludbreg area which included more than 70 volunteers which were cleaning
environment. During regular activities between 2009 till now on Youth Island on river Bednja Lumen has organized building benches, fixing bridges, cleaning and realizing projects for actively reviving this forgotten part of the city.

LUMEN is also regularly organizing weekly workshops on which we have always active local volunteers and include local youth with fewer opportunities. Together with City of Ludbreg from 2015 to 2020 we realized projects Youth as active participants ( ) and Local youth program ( ) financed by Croatian Ministry of social politics and youth. We happy share our experience and knowledge so we help and cooperate with regional and Croatian NGOs like Ludbreško Sunce from Ludbreg, Udruga Kopriva from Koprivnica, VUK from Varaždin, Stara Škola from Novi Marof and CeZaM from Čakovec. As member of Croatian Youth Networks (MMH) we participate in their activities with other Croatian youth organizations. We have long lasting cooperation with local schools as partner through different activities, like building Sensory park for elementary school students and organizing TEDxYouth conference in Highschool (Gimnazija Fran Galović) in Koprivnica. Through Street Art activities we have made 6 artistic murals in Ludbreg on the walls around center.

Through all of our activities we are promoting values of European union, Erasmus+ program and inclusivity of young
people with fewer opportunities.