ETNO – Ecological thinking in non-governmental organisations


Youth Exchange “ETNO: ecological work in non-govermental organisations” will bring together 30 young people 18-25 years old from 4 programme countries (Croatia, Italy, FYR Macedonia and Romania). The project will take place in Ludbreg, Croatia and will last for 8 days.

The main theme of this youth exchange is environmental protection. Young people will learn about and discuss the most important environmental problems and risks exist in their countries and the whole Europe. Participants will learn how citizens (both individually and as a group) can influence to make the environmental situation better.

The objectives of the project are: to promote responsible and eco-friendly behavior among young people; to promote active citizenship and to foster young people’s sense of European citizenship; to help young people to understand their role as a part of the present and future of Europe; to promote sustainable development; to promote tolerance between people from different countries; to create a place for multicultural learning and understanding.

All the methods used during youth exchange will be based on the non-formal education principles: group work and discussions, simulations and role plays, creative workshops, intercultural nights, intercultural workshops, team building and trust building activities, energizers, ice-breakers, reflection groups,  creative art workshops, excursions etc.

As a result of the project participants will create and conduct educational interactive activity for the local school youth with the purpose to promote eco-friendly behavior. On the end of the project Youthpass certificate will be given to participants. The applicant organization Ludbreska udruga mladih entuzijasta (LUMEN) is a hosting partner in the project.