Let me tell you a story II

Project ‘Let me tell you a story – A tale from the forest’ was created by young people from Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, Cyprus and Czech Republic. It is continuation of actions from year 2015. The goal of project is to learn ‘living history’ through conversations with partisans involved in fights of World War II same as commemoration of their fate during interactions with local societies of our countries.

Project is advertised with publications made by participants and with happening in middle of Zamość old town. Our actions are an input in peace  building in the world, advertisement of European Union Values and possibilities of Erasmus+ programme. We will increase meaning of non formal education in development of young people in Europe.

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Methods of non formal education: Integration games, Language animation workshop, intercultural communication workshop, team building, presentation, meeting with expert, discussion, trip, work in international group, oxford debate, happening, Evaluation.

Download ‘Let me tell you a story – A tale from the forest’ book