Youth Exchange iCare, Rumunjska, 8.-18.10.2018

[ERASMUS+] Od 8.-18. listopada kao partnerska organizacija sa 8 sudionika iz Hrvatske sudjelovali smo na razmjeni mladih iCare u Rumunjskom Argestru.

1. Increasing the level of understanding of the
project-specific problem for the 42 participants
and the development of competences over 7
months through active involvement in the
prep ratio n , implementation and
follow-up of the

2. Informing 300 people from 6 communities about
the importance of cultural heritage preservation (old
buildings and monuments) through 6 local events,
organized by young partici participants and foreign
partners, which will draw attention to buildings in
decline which possess a cultural and historical

3. Creating the “iCare” international network for
new initiatives, with the core of the six partner
organizations, which will attract another 12 entities
(local authorities,organizations, schools,
etc.) during the project.

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