Youth Exchange mPowerArt

The aim of this project is to empower young people through art. No matter the backgrounds, race, abilities and disadvantages, to unite young people as a whole in raising awareness and promoting social inclusion, culture, tolerance and sustainable living.

Objectives are:
➔ To empower young European people through art
➔ To raise cultural awareness
➔ To promote social inclusion and tolerance
➔ To inform young people about the Erasmus+ Programme opportunities
➔ To raise a sense of EU citizenship and motivate young people to participate more towards the development in their own communities

➔ The result of the project will be a motivating mural created by the participants together with the local high-school students and children from a non-profit organization “Sunce” which hosts and takes care of people with fewer opportunities of different ages.
➔ Introduction to the Croatian culture, exchange of good practices and cultural exchange
➔ Visits to high-school and graffiti ranch in the town of Legrad
➔ Planning, sketching and implementation of the mural
➔ Team-building, ice-breaking activities to form personal connections and friendships that will help participants in the process of working together towards a common goal of the project

Number and profile of the participants involved?
➔ 6 EU countries
➔ 5 young people aged 18-30 + 1 group leader
➔ Gederly diverse groups with different backgrounds

Results and impact of the project:
➔ Informed and empowered youth
➔ Motivation of young people to make change of the mindset inside of their local communities
➔ Young people being mobilized and inspired to create similar projects within their environments
➔ Raised sense of EU citizenship and readiness to be involved in the political and cultural change in European community


Dizajneri zvuka Srednje muzičke škole “Petar Konjović”, Sombor

Kulturni centar mladih Vojvodine