3. YE EcoIT

Type of project: youth exchange

Participants:  30 young people (18-25 years) and 6 youth leaders (18+) from 6 programme countries


The aim of this project is to learn how to measure and monitor the ecological system with IT technologies and incorporate technology in daily life in order to understand the changes around and us and our habitat better. 

Objectives of the project:

  • To develop  the programming skills and a basic concept of the project;
  • To develop the design and 3D printing competence (containment for the device);
  • To develop mechanical skills in order to connect the connecting component into a whole system (connecting the parts);
  • To develop  the intercultural dialogue between youngsters from 6 different countries through activities based on non-formal education;
  • To inform young people about the Erasmus+ and ESC Programme opportunities;
  • To raise a sense of EU citizenship and motivate young people to participate more towards the development in their own communities;


  • Working and understanding old and new technologies, programming, and 3D modeling;
  • The project implementation is also aimed at promoting ideas of non-formal education and values of Erasmus+ and ESC programs
  • Introduction to the Croatian culture, exchange of good practices, and cultural exchange
  • Team-building, ice-breaking activities to form personal connections and friendships that will help participants in the process of working together towards a common goal of the project

Number and profile of the participants involved:

  • 5 youngsters (18-30 y.o.) + 1 group leader (no age limit) per country
  • backgrounds or interest in Programing // Design // Ecology // Sustainability // Wildlife 

Results and impact :