Youth Exchange “Educate, create, overcome through Art” will bring together 36 young people 6 programme countries. The project will take place in Ludbreg, Croatia and will last for 8 days. The main theme of this youth exchange is promotion of environmental protection through art. Young people will learn about and discuss the most important environmental problems and risks exist in their countries and the whole Europe.
Participants will learn how citizens (both individually and as a group) can influence to make the environmental situation
better, and transfer this knowledge to others through creative means and art.

The objectives of the project are:
– Encouraging young people towards a better understanding of ecology and environment protection, matter that affects both the rural and urban space and the way in which Europe is dealing with this problem;
– Developing the intercultural dialogue between youngsters from 5 different countries through activities based on non formal education, which highlight the traditional customs of their countries;
– To articulate and find a way together with local young people on how to promote messages to public;
– Promote creative and artistic messages that will be done by the participants, of this project, in which they show their
perception of the topic of this project, eco development of rural areas.

Info pack: